Confused? Ponder This

In a recent study by Deloitte, retailers were asked about their expectations for the retail store of the future.  Their response is a good indication of the fact that real estate planning is quickly evolving:

“In fact, three out of five respondents said they have no
idea what the store will look like in five years. Additionally,
nearly one in five believe that 15% of their sales will be
generated from channels that have not even been thought
of yet.”

Source: Deloitte’s Store 3.0TM Survey: The Next Evolution, September 2011

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The retail marketplace is a complex system that is constantly changing and is full of surprises.  Sometimes these surprises are positive; and other times they are not!  It never ceases to amaze me how many different combinations of factors lead to success and failure in chain store performance. Complexity drives statistical models crazy (as well as the people who use them).  There seem to be as many exceptions as there are rules, and the best way to understand these exceptions is by listening to experts tell their stories about what happened.

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