Please give me your feedback on this blog!

After five months of weekly postings, I’d like to check in with the readers of this blog to see if it can be improved.

Please click on this link and complete the 3 question survey and list any topics you would like to see covered in future blog posts.

Thanks to everyone who has read these posts and especially to those who have offered comments.  The chain store world is changing faster all the time and finding the right blend of art and science in decision-making is crucial to survival and growth!


Jim Stone, Chain Store Advisors

1 thought on “Please give me your feedback on this blog!

  1. Jim,
    great article and even understandable for someone like me! Analystics at the true granular retail level is the secret that retailers need – this is the link point between science and retail.
    Keep up the good work

    Tom Redd (TRedd)

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