About Jim Stone

Jim Stone is the principal consultant of Chain Store Advisors, a consulting firm in Reading, MA.  Chain Store Advisors works with businesses who operate chain stores including retailers, restaurants, and service businesses.  Services include business process design, requirements analysis for analytic tools, real estate planning, and site evaluation.

His unique approach of “connecting art and science” is  based on 30 years in commercial real estate including 17 years as the founder and President of geoVue, a leading provider of real estate planning and site selection software.

Jim received his Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University (Dallas) and attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Boston area) for two years. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Education in Instructional Design at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

He lives with his lovely and patient wife Cathy and is the father of three budding daughters who will take over the world.  His hobbies include archery, guitar, and tennis.

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