About Chain Store Advisors

Chain Store Advisors helps businesses that operate customer-facing real estate maximize their return on investment through good decision processes, well-trained human resources, and appropriate analytic tools.


Chain Store Advisors practice is built upon the following fundamental beliefs which have been developed over 30 years of commercial real estate analytics experience:

  • The retail marketplace is a complex system that is constantly changing and successful real estate decision-making must be capable of adapting to these changes on a continuous basis.
  • Every business has a unique set of factors that influence its choice of techniques for site selection.  Although high level profiles can be described, there is no single recipe for success based on processes, people, and analytical tools.
  • The most successful site selection programs will consciously use a blend of art (human judgment based on expertise) and science (data and analytical methods) without regarding art or science as “better” “more important” than the other.

Chain Store Advisors can assist you in the design and implementation of a real estate planning and site selection program that will fit your needs and budget.

Typical engagements include the following:

  • Established franchisor looking to “tune up” their real estate planning and site selection process
  • Early stage franchisor who needs to set up a real estate planning process that defines territories and helps franchisees find sites that meet the franchisor’s approval
  • Multi-unit franchisees who have grown to the point where a more formal site selection process is required
  • Individual franchisees who want help evaluating the sales potential of a specific location
  • Chain operator with owned real estate that needs to develop an ongoing strategic plan for selecting markets, optimizing trade areas, and evaluating sites including relocation and closing decisions
  • Chain store operators who are considering an investment in a new or different set of analytical tools (software, data) who need guidance in identifying or comparing alternatives
  • Organizations that seek to improve the training and development of real estate team members through elearning, simulation, and mentoring programs.

For additional information contact Jim Stone, Principal, at 781-608-0488 or email jimstone52@gmail.com.

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